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Pearl Restraint: The Luxe Collection

Designer: La Vie Nue

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The Inside Scoop

This is as elegant and upmarket as restraints come. This freshwater pearl restraint is long enough to adorn the whole body head to toe; making it a unique piece of full body jewellery. 

Pearls are seen as strong symbols of femininity, helping women connect with their inner goddesses and feminine energy.  When worn, some believe that pearls can generate energy vibrations that can re-center the body, assist in calming and nurture loyalty, faith, integrity and purity.

The freshwater pearls are individually cultivated and are therefore unique in shape and size, no two pearls are exactly the same. Each pearl is hand strung and individually tied using reinforced string designed specifically for pearls, and is specifically designed for bedroom play. 

But the story does not end there. This piece also makes for a classy piece of jewellery by day. Wrap around the neck as part of office attire, or drape over a drape and wear around the upper body as body jewellery for an elegant night out.

A truly special and magical piece, with multiple (discreet) uses!

About La Vie Nue

La Vie Nue is an exclusive up and coming brand; bringing sexy and playful accessories at affordable prices. Design functionality and quality materials are at the forefront of consideration at La Vie Nue. Designed by a woman only team, much thought is given to each product's usage, and the way that the item will look and feel from a woman's perspective. Many items in the collection have more than one use, and are created to be pieces that women feel comfortable and sexy wearing. 

Many of La Vie Nue's products are exclusive to Maison Mika, making for a beautiful and unique addition to any gift set for that special someone.

The Spec

Oval Shaped Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Clasps: stainless steel

Length: 3 metres (or 2 metres option) x 5-6mm

Presented in Glass Bottle Casing

About Bondage Play

Bondage play has many interpretations and many extremes. At Maison Mika, we see bondage as form of role play, which increases the senses. By reducing one partner's use of their senses (e.g. vision, touch, taste), it is possible to heighten their unrestricted senses, allowing for different ways to explore senses together. All products sourced in this category are introductory level, and we encourage responsible play. Be respectable to your partner, and never do anything that one party is reluctant or hesitant to do. Plan, discuss and be sure to discontinue play if anyone wishes to do so.