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Journey with Us

Building a New Kind of Legacy

Maison Mika was six years in the making.

Born from a love for pretty and luxurious things that make women feel their true self worth, Maison Mika was brought to life in the Little Red Dot when it's founders felt that there was no clear avenue for people (especially women) to celebrate love.

Finding that special someone is no mean feat, it's not everyday that someone comes along who understands you, cherishes you and is daring enough to want to go on life's journey with you.

That relationship with your partner should always come first and foremost in every partnership. All too often, relationships unravel because day to day burdens distract from big picture goals. And before we know it, we've strayed just that little too far from our sweet romantic path and had that one too many quarrel to pull things back together again.

Maison Mika is the haven created with the sole purpose of removing life's distractions, celebrating relationships, partnerships and women who deserved to be loved. Where we provide you with reason to make someone feel special, ideas for celebrating love, and tools for making memorable intimate moments.


What We Do

At Maison Mika, your pleasures are taken seriously. We curate and create exclusive experiences for the curious and discerning Asian customer. Tasteful and discreet yet always indulgent, we seek to enlighten our community through shared knowledge and understanding how to talk to your partner about intimacy.

Based in cosmopolitan Singapore and serving the Asia Pacific region, we understand the values, needs and high quality standards of this market. We're here to bring a modern take on sex, as a natural and healthy component to a fulfilling life.  At Maison Mika you can transform hidden desires into celebrated pleasures. 


Our Quality Assurance

Safety is of paramount importance when we talk about intimate personal items. There is no shortage of horror stories about toys stuck in various places and resulting embarrassing visits to A&E. At Maison Mika, we work with only approved suppliers to ensure that products are not counterfeits. We review every item for its level of quality and safeness for intimate use, and provide you with as much relevant information as possible so that you can make an informed shopping decision. You can be rest assured that we will take care of the technicals so that you can focus on creating fantastic memories. 


Explore, Fascinate, Enlighten. Enjoy!

The Maison Mika Team.