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Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

Lets get down to slippery business.  Lubricants are used with and without sex toys to enhance enjoyment during sex. Lubes not only allow for easier penetration and thrusting which help build momentum to climax; the extra wetness also makes you feel more excited because this mimics the moisture caused by genuine arousal.


It is true that a woman will become wet naturally when she is aroused. However, some women experience vaginal dryness due to reasons such as stress, lack of sleep and hormones. This can lead to painful sex and also increase the chances of infections and other urinary tract diseases. Lubrication helps to ease pain during sex, making sex more enjoyable, help remove dead cells from the area and keep infections at bay by providing the right environment for good bacteria to flourish. All very scientific, but worth knowing!


Water based lubricants can also be added on condoms and a few drops inside the condom will also greatly improve his experience during sex. Lubricated condoms are usually not evenly lubricated - since they are rolled up in the condom foil, the base and the shaft would not be sufficiently lubricated. Hence, it is better to use a separate lubricant for your condoms.


Lubricants come in different forms, textures and flavors hence it is essential to choose one that is right for you. People often debate about with lube is the best but there isn’t really a best contender for lube, just one that fits your needs and makes you / your partner feel great. Different lubes can offer differing sensations, so get out there and start experimenting!


Water-based lube

When it comes to choosing lubricants, water lubes are your safest bet. Water based lubes have a lighter composition, that gives a more natural feeling and is not as sticky. Hence, it is the closest to the natural lubricant that our body produces. Water adds moisture during intimacy, making for a more comfortable ride in general. It is also not harmful to your sex toys or condoms and rinses off your toys and bed sheets easily. Furthermore, it does not leave any residue behind as it would be absorbed by the skin gradually.


However, the downside to it is that since it is water based, it tends to evaporate faster than other lubricants, thus you need to reapply it throughout the intercourse to keep it wet. Or a little inside tip, if you find the water based lube starting to dry up, a drop of saliva will also go a long way to rewetting the lube again and you’re good to go.


Nevertheless, if you are choosing a contender for oral sex, you will probably go for the water-based lube. Because nobody wants the taste of non-edible siliconee in their mouth! There are flavored water-based lubes in the market and it is definitely something to try out. We love the flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, adding an extra dimension to your partner’s taste!


Silicone-based lube

Other than water-based lube, there are also silicone based lubes. Unlike water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes do not evaporate or get absorbed into the skin and hence are the winner in terms of staying power. Hence with long lasting silicone-based lubes, there is less need for reapplication even through the longest lovemaking session or marathon masturbation.

Silicone-based lubes is also great when it comes to anal sex and sex in the shower, hot tub, the pool and even the ocean… Whereas water-based lubes are less effective when it comes to water playtime activities.