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Up Close and Personal for Men - The WOW Prostate Massage

Up Close and Personal for Men - The WOW Prostate Massage

Did you know that Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer and one in six men in U.S. is diagnosed with prostate cancer. Even though Prostate cancer typically does not affect men until after the age of 50, more and more men in the 30’s and 40’s are being diagnosed today.

The Prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland located near the bladder and it secrets a fluid which carries sperms. Even though prostate cancer is caused by a variety of reasons such as hereditary and poor nutritional intake, studies have shown that prostate massage or milking helps to reduce the risks of prostate cancer. It is however a preventive measure and not a cure. Nevertheless, there are many other benefits of prostate massage you should know, to convince you and your partner for some backdoor activity tonight!                                                                                      

Improved Erectile dysfunction and Prostatitis

Prostate massage stimulates blood flow, release fluids, flush out toxins and helps to distribute nutrients and oxygen all over the prostate. It also helps to eliminate the build-up of prostatic fluid and clear the ducts. The build-up of fluid can cause Prostatitis which is a painful inflammation of the prostate gland that can lead to aches and pains in the joints and groin area, pain and traces of blood during urination and painful ejaculations.

The improved flow of blood and semen to the penis helps to lessen the effects of erectile dysfunctions and increase the quality of semen produced hence reducing the occurrence of impotency. 

Increased Orgasms

Just like the female G-spot, the prostate is known as the male’s G-spot. Hence by massaging the prostate, the glands which is responsible for increased flow of fluid will be stimulated. Thus, it gives strong sensations and provides orgasms similar to the ones women experience when stimulating their G-spot. With prostate massage, sexual power and sexual performance is improved and regular massage men reports to have “exploding” ejaculation.

The lobes of the prostates are very sensitive to pressure, hence pressing, rubbing or stroking the gland through the rectal wall can be extremely stimulating. A prostate ejaculation can be even more intense than a penile ejaculation. This is why sex toy shops stock prostate massager as prostate stimulation provides a pleasurable route to orgasm for most men! (Just remember to always use a lube with it to ensure easy penetration and prevent injury to the rectum or anus)

So how does prostate massage/milking work?

 Access to the prostate is through the “backdoor”, hence it might not be comfortable physically or mentally to some men. However, if he can overcome these barriers, he is in for a good treat.

  1. Internal Massage

The internal method requires you to insert your finger or other objects into your anus. It can stimulate the bowels and hence cause bowel movements, so you should probably clear your bowels before the massage so that you don’t have the urge to S*** during the massage!

To massage, clean your fingers properly and make sure that your fingernails are clipped. Put your finger gently into the anus. Take your time and be really careful and it is a very sensitive area. You can smear some lubricant on your finger for easier penetration.

Once your finger is inside, search for the prostate gland which is round in shape and use your fingers to massage it gently. 

  1. External massage

If you don’t feel comfortable putting your finger into your anus, you can try the external massage instead. In this case you massage the area between your anus and the scrotum. It is called the perineum. Gently use your fingers on both hands to massage blood towards the penile area.

You can also massage the top of your groin muscles, under your testicles and at the base of the penis for best results.

  1. Assisted massage using tools

Reaching into your backdoor to massage it yourself may be uncomfortable or awkward and your partner might not always be willing to do it for you. Instead, many men use prostate massagers to better access and stimulate the prostate themselves or by their partner. It is more comfortable than a finger and helps to pinpoint the exact location easily.

Some of the prostate massagers in the market have vibration properties and some are hands free which uses the contraction of your own muscles. It can also be used during sex for him to be harder, last longer and have better control. Through stimulating his prostate, the prostate will empty more fully during ejaculation, which means a more intense and satisfying orgasm.


Prostate massage is a very helpful and enjoyable process but we are all different and it works for some people faster than for others. Regular prostate massages are highly beneficial, but work much better when hormones are balanced correctly in the body. Though prostate stimulation is often neglected compared to the penile parts, it is definitely not something to be missed out. Be sure to experiment with your fingers and tools yourself or during sex tonight!