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Vibrating Ben Wa Ball with Sensors: Luna Smart Bead

Designer: LELO

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The Inside Scoop

 This is as advanced as kegel exercisers come. 

This vibrating Smart Bead is perfect for those who want to regularly train the pelvic floor muscles, especially after child birth. Aside from stronger orgasms and tighter muscles during intercourse, other health benefits include improved bladder control and reduced risk of prolapse. 

This Smart Bead sets to a 5 minute programme and tracks your progress so it will automatically remember your prior achievements and set the exercising strengths based on your body's abilities.

The Smart Bead should be used regularly over time for best results. Improvements will not be overnight, but rather, progressive. Some have noted good stimulative success if used shortly before intercourse.

We acknowledge reviews from bloggers on this product have been mixed, but here at Maison Mika, we think they are comparing this product to sex toys which directly help with sexual stimulation, whereas, this toy should have been seen as more of an exerciser that reaps longer term benefits.

All in all, a unique and technically advanced product. 

About LELO

LELO is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect.

Founded in 2003, in Sweden, the brand was built off one simple question: What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?

LELO is widely recognised as a global leading brand in adult toys, their design and quality focus make their products some of the most desired in the industry. 

As a market leader, LELO is one of the few brands that offer warranties on their products, be sure to register your toy directly with them after you have made a purchase. 

The Spec

Vibrating kegel exerciser with 5 levels 

Toy dimensions: 3.3 x 3.0 x 8.4 cm

Weight: 50g 

Material: Body safe PC ABS / matt silicone finish

Waterproof: Waterproof to 1 metre

Charge: Requires 1x AAA battery (no included), which can last up to 200 sessions 

Standby time: up to 30 days

Warranty: LELO offers 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee on this product, though you must register the LELO warranty number (provided on the authenticity card that comes with the product) 

Lube Usage: Safe for use with water-based lubricant

Care: Clean with soapy water or toy cleaner after each use (some users have noted seapage where the seal opens up for the battery, please do take note to clean carefully around there after use in order to maximise the life of your Bead) 

About Kegels

There are many names for these wonderful contraptions, ben wa balls, kegels, burmese balls, geisha balls, venus balls to name but a few; but essentially they are all marble-sized balls, designed to increase pelvic floor muscle strength. These balls have been around for centuries, and aside from the medical benefits such as aiding bladder control or pelvic organ prolapse, they help to form a stronger band of muscles resulting in better love making for both you and your partner. Admittedly, the balls takes getting used to, but given the list of benefits, there are few reasons not to get those muscles exercising!