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Lace Bit Gag: Midnight

Designer: Sportsheets

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If you're looking for erotic items at a good price, discover Midnight Lace Bit Gag Sportsheets! A whole world of possibilities for the imagination and for fun!


Sportsheets International Inc. is all about Keeping Couples Connected®. 

The company’s ever-growing line of fantasy products have spiced up the sex lives of countless men, women and couples around the world. Known for quality, creativity and competitive pricing, Sportsheets has continually sought to provide couples with innovate ways to live out their fantasies, expanding its offering into a wide array of award-winning restraint systems, sex toys, sexual position devices and more.

The Spec

Material: Lace

Colour: Black

Length: Approx. 135cm



About Bondage Play

Bondage play has many interpretations and many extremes. At Maison Mika, we see bondage as form of role play, which increases the senses. By reducing one partner's use of their senses (e.g. vision, touch, taste), it is possible to heighten their unrestricted senses, allowing for different ways to explore senses together. All products sourced in this category are introductory level, and we encourage responsible play. Be respectable to your partner, and never do anything that one party is reluctant or hesitant to do. Plan, discuss and be sure to discontinue play if anyone wishes to do so.