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Best Second Dates In Hong Kong

Best Second Dates In Hong Kong

So he passed the crucial first date with flying colours and has been in touch for a second date – hurrah!  While your first date was probably a quick get-to-know-each-other over dinner or a few drinks, the second date will be the opportunity to learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes.  So it is important to choose a venue or activity that can provide shared topics or experiences.  Trying something new together could be an ideal way to initiate conversations and might even become a joint hobby of yours!

With the never-ending list of restaurants and bars, Hong Kong is definitely not short of places for a first dates.  But what is there to do if you want an interesting and fun second date?  Unbeknownst to most people, Hong Kong is in fact 70% countryside, with approximately 40% of Hong Kong’s total area designated as country and marine parks – so why not explore the lesser known side of Hong Kong?  

There is an abundance of hiking trails around Hong Kong suited to all levels of experience and fitness.  Dragon’s Back on Hong Kong Island and the Lion Rock trail in Kowloon are popular for their accessibilities from the city.  However, an alternative pick would be the Tung O Ancient Trail between Tung Chung and Tai O, which was once an important passage for villagers.  The coastal trail starts on the east with views of planes taking off and landing into Hong Kong International Airport.  It then meanders through mangroves, Sha Lo Wan, Sham Wat Wan, and ends at the 300 years old fishing village of Tai O, where you'll find an array of iconic stilt houses.  Local boat tours are available for a chance to catch a rare sight of pink dolphins that are native to the area.  Before taking the bus back to the city, taste some of the local flavours ranging from traditional sweets to grilled oysters.

For those who consider themselves more of a thrill-seeker, try canyoning (  An exhilarating activity that lets you traverse Hong Kong's hidden gorges by abseiling down waterfalls and cliff jumping.  Or join a rock climbing taster day ( on the south side of Hong Kong Island, and enjoy panoramic views of Deep Water Bay.  

Keen watermen and waterwomen can opt for paddle boarding which is becoming more and more popular and you can have a go at one of Hong Kong's most beloved tourist destination - Stanley ( Experienced paddle boarders can even join a yoga session at sea.

As an arty alternative, try your hand at glass blowing ( at one of Hong Kong's favourite outlying islands.  Lamma Island is famous for its beaches, nature and seafood restaurants.  Conveniently located 30mins by ferry from Central, many are choosing to reside here for the easy commute.  Being one of the very few places in Hong Kong to have an in situ kiln, this workshop offers courses on glass art including glass blowing, jewellery and kaleidoscope making.  Combine this with a walk from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan for a day of adventure, wrapped up with a delicious seafood dinner.

For a fun evening activity, why not have a drink over a game or two of bowling-in-the-dark ( in Saikung.  This is a fairly new opening in Hong Kong and quickly gathering a cult of fans.  With various themed areas and buy-one-hour-get-one-hour-free offers, this is sure to become a popular hangout.  Note: opening hours are Wednesday to Sundays only.